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Moonflower Apothecary and Alchemy Products are now available for purchase at Luna Blue Studio and our online store. We recommend a brief consultation with our herbalist before purchasing products for formula specifics, ingredients and any contraindications.

To place an order for flower essences or gemstone elixirs, click the link below to submit your list of selections. We will check our inventory, prepare your order and send an invoice to your email for payment. Orders are mailed twice weekly and normally take 48 hours to process. 

What are Flower Essences and Gemstone Elixirs

These natural healing formulations are essentially homeopathic medicine of the herb and mineral world. Each specific flower or gemstone has a vibrational energy, as do our own bodies. This type of energetic healing therapy was first studied in the 1930's by Dr. Edward Bach. He began his essence work with the 38 original "Bach" essences. Today we have discovered there are many other flowers with healing properties. The "essence" or spirit of the freshly harvested flower is infused into pure water using natural sunlight over a period of several hours. It is then preserved with pure grain alcohol and used in very small amounts as an energetic healing modality. Gemstones also have a specific vibration and this too may be infused into pure water via natural sunlight to capture the healing properties of the stone. Where herbal tinctures, teas and such work on the physical body...essences work on the energetic body in a subtle yet highly effective way.

Think of it this way...the spirit of the plant or gemstone is working with your own spirit in a gentle transformative way to help you release old patterns, opening up channels of healing, creating harmony and balance within oneself. The goal is to free yourself of anything that is blocking your path to full awareness and complete wellness. 

Several of these formulas combine both flower essences and gemstone elixirs in one remedy for increased vibrational healing.

Raspberry and Clear Quartz

Raspberry helps us with over-reactiveness, allowing one's truest self to show through. Raspberry helps us to listen and trust our inner knowing and release self doubt. Helpful in releasing old hurts. It is useful in transforming bitterness and negative emotions, awakening compassion for self and others.Helps to get things in life back on track. Quartz lends its energy to help strengthen and stimulate positive thoughts, filter out distractions, enhanced energy and increased patience. Helps us to embrace the "live, laugh, love" mantra.

1oz $16

Red Clover and Amethyst

Red clover calms our fears and anxieties. Good for staying focused and grounded in stressful situations. Especially useful during "emergency" type situations to reduce panic. Eases negative emotions, being held back by ones own fears, reduces anger and impatience with ones self or others. Amethyst has the vibration of positive energy. It activates the 3rd eye chakra (your intuition). It is great for relaxing, calming and clarifying. Great for balancing the mood and shielding from negativity.

1oz $16

Peony and Rose Quartz

Peony helps remind us to be grateful and live in a state of gratitude. Helpful when you've said yes to too much and are feeling overextended and stretched too thin. Allows feelings of wholeness, abundant and full of life. A magnetic energy, it is useful in attracting what brings you happiness and helping to achieve goals. Helps to release feelings of shame, embarassment, shyness and the habit of over-committing. Rose quartz is a nurturing "love stone". Very nurturing to the heart chakra, promoting self love, feelings of inner peace, contentment. Helps to ease emotional stress and sadness.

1oz $16

Apple Blosom

This is a sweet and nurturing essence that helps to awaken the "star" that shines within. Apple blossom will assist in getting to the "core" of an issue bringing awareness and allowing transformative energy to come in. Good for new beginnings, generosity, fostering trust and balancing thoughts and emotions. Assists in self care practices and helps bring a positive outlook.

1oz $16

Blue Violet

Though this blossom is referred to as "common" blue violet, its energies are all but common. Blue violet helps us to shift from a place of fear to a center of trust. When isolation or profound shyness hinder growth, violet helps give confidence and self assuredness . Helps to elevate the spiritual perspective, opens up channels of self expression. Violet is helpful in increasing intimacy, personal connections and relationships. Helps remove that which blocks opening up oneself to others.

1oz $16

Wild Rose(Multiflora) and Quartz

Rose has a soft yet tangible energy instilling trust and patience. Just as this rose often borders on the edges of our property, it helps one set boundaries in life. Assists in creating balance in work and play. Comforting to the heart chakra, it increases feelings of self worth. Opens the door for personal growth and wellness and shifts away from negativity. Quartz lends its energy here to support patience with self and others, increase positive thought and filter out that which distracts us from our higher purpose.

1oz $16

Pink Dogwood

Dogwood is the messenger of "let it go" and "let it be". Dogwood helps in healing trauma and resonates with the heart chakra. Helps to remove negative behaviors and habits. Softens a hardened heart, assists in breaking self destructive patterns and one's acceptance of self. Aids in letting down your guard while still feeling safe and supported, helps remove protective blocks to allow the truest and best self to come through. Opens the door for grace and harmony to return.

1oz $16

Evening Primrose

Evening Primrose helps us to heal old or inherited emotions that cause distress. Resolves feelings of rejection, fear of commitment and depression. This essence is also useful in healing trauma from any type of abuse, lends courage and assists in seeing oneself in a more perfect state of wholeness. Helps build confidence and a better self image. Primrose shines through the darkness to bring the sunshine back into our existence.

1oz $16

Kwanzan Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossom magnifies the heart chakra bringing a calm, soothing, loving energy. Most helpful during periods of extreme stress, shock or trauma. Helps to harmonize emotions and bring back balance to the spirit. Helps to weather the storm and emerge brighter and stronger. Brings forth a new outlook on life, encourages enthusiasm and dissolves negativity. See life more beautifully. A cheerful essence.

1oz $16

Morning Glory

This essence is useful when one is overly dependent on stimulants for energy. Helps to wake up ready for the day ahead. It literally sings, "Morning, Glory" to us. Refreshing and bright energy like a sunny morning. Assists with recreating the spark for life. Assists in removing erratic behavior patterns and addictive behaviors. Helps resolve restlessness and and sluggishness by imparting balancing energies. A get up and seize the day kind of feeling.

1oz $16

Red Anemone

A vibrant flower with a most vibrant energy. It calls to our inner self to look on the bright side of life. Helps bring steadiness during difficult times, reminding us that each path we travel in life helps create who we are. Provides encouragement and positive outlook even in the most trying situations. Helps to activate the sacral chakra, releasing fear and connecting us with our joy and creativity. Anemone helps us remember that within us all things are possible if we put our energy toward it.

1oz $16

Pink Peony and Citrine

Peony always brings a sense of joy and happiness in the folds of her petals. Soft pink peony essence whispers  optimism, positive energy and a general state of well being. With the addition of citrine, this essence helps face adversity with a positive outlook and creative solutions to that which is causing despair. Helps us remember we are resilient and can face challenges with a refreshed and renewed energy, transforming the situation into a more positive one. Citrine assists in removing fears and depression so that we can find motivation and creativity to meet our challenges and grow through them.

1oz $16

Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Citrine

This trio of gemstones was infused under the full moon, blending the energies of the stones with the lunar energy of a full moon. This trio combines the energy of amethyst to calm, soothe, relieve stress and remove sadness, anxiety and fear while transforming negativity into a higher positive vibration. Rose quartz is like a big loving hug, restoring trust, friendship, peace and self love. It is comforting during sadness and grief. Citrine adds in confidence, strengthens the intellect, attracts success, brings confidence, motivation and creativity. It is also a protective and strengthening energy. A multi-purpose blend that helps you be your best and most vibrant self.

1oz $16


Pyrite is an Earth energy as well as the element of Fire. A protective essence which provides a "shield" against negativity. It is helpful in harnessing your personal power and creating action. Helps bring creative projects through the process of completion, assists in business and prosperity through hard work. Stimulates the 2nd and 3rd chakra helping with memory recall, intuition and will power. Supports the spirit of assertiveness without being agressive. Increases focus and gives an energetic boost to new ideas...or a different perspective on old ideas.

1oz $16

Tiger's Eye, Amethyst and Kyanite

This blend was an elixir gone wrong..that turned out perfectly after all. (kyanite should not be ingested in any form) A wonderful oops. Though not to be used internally as an elixir, this mist offers healing properties of three strong gems. Tiger's eye is protective, brings luck and is helpful in clearing the mind and resolving problems. Amethyst lends its calming, relaxing and uplifting properties as well as soothing frayed nerves and dispelling anger and tension. Finally, kyanite woks to balance all chakras, and bring a calm, balanced, tranquil energy to oneself and your space. Kyanite does not hold negative energies and works to immediately transform them to a higher vibration. Its like a gemstone Clorox wipe for negativity. This combination is a great mist for your work space, home or anywhere the energy needs a little shift for the better. It is also useful as a body mist before meditation or when you feel a bit stressed and out of sorts.

8oz mist $18

External use only

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