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Moonflower Apothecary and Alchemy Products are now available for purchase at Luna Blue Studio and our online store. We recommend a brief consultation with our herbalist before purchasing products for formula specifics, ingredients and any contraindications.

To place an order for herbal formulas, click the link below to submit your list of selections. We will check our inventory, prepare your order and send an invoice to your email for payment. Orders are mailed twice weekly and normally take 48 hours to process. 

Immune Support Elixir

It's much easier to stay well than to get well once you are feeling bad. Keeping your immune system humming like a finely tuned machine is very important. Stress, diet and lifestyle all factor in to our immune health. This formula packs a whollup with a balanced blend of immune stimulating, modulating and tonifying herbs to help your body have a healthy immune response to that which causes your system dis-ease. Great during colds, flu, viruses and allergy season or anytime you need a little boost.

1oz  $16.50

2oz  $33

Hayfever & Allergy Elixir

Goldenrod is the star of this gentle yet effective allergy blend. Yarrow, nettle and elder deliver fast relief for sneezing, congestion, sinus pressure and coughs associated with post nasal drip. 

1oz $16.50.

Seasonal Fire Cider-

Blood Orange & Raspberry

A spicy folk medicine chest staple, this recipe starts with anti-viral, antibacterial, antimicrobial roots and spices slow steeped in cider vinegar. Our formulas get a boost from immune supportive ashwagandha, echinacea, turmeric and rose hips. Sweetened with raw honey and seasonal fruits and juices. A daily tonic to support a healthy immune, digestive, respiratory and immune system.



Elderberry Elixir

The herbalists version of the traditional recipe. Astragalus, reishi, echinacea, tulsi and rose hips give this potent elixir an herbal powerhouse of immune supporting properties. Used as daily support during cold, flu and allergy season and assists with most upper respiratory conditions. Lightly sweetened with raw honey. 8.5oz $16

Sleep Potion

Possibly our most popular formulas.

Enjoy a restful night's sleep with this synergesic blend of herbs to soothe nerves, relax muscles, ease tension and restore a healthy sleep pattern. 



Mountain Girl Bitters

Digestive bitters are an old and somewhat well kept secret. Bitters signal a response in the brain that triggers digestive functions to work on optimal levels. Gentian and Dandelion create the perfect base for these drops of goodness. Promotes healthy and more complete digestion. Facilitates proper production and removal of bile. Promotes healthy gut flora and better absorption of nutrients as well as being anti-inflammatory and tonifying blend. Helps relieve gas, bloating, heartburn and reflux.

2oz  $25 

Chill Pill Tonic

A gentle yet highly effective blend of Mother Nature's top nerve soothing herbs. Whether a daily tonic or just on days nerves are frayed, this formula calms the nervous system, Best enjoyed in a cup of herbal tea such as chamomile or tulsi, sweetened with honey and sipped slowly as part of your self care ritual.

1oz $16.50 

2oz $33

Dream Dust

Do you wake up in the middle of the night, often at the same exact time each night? This can be due to a sudden imbalance in blood sugar and sodium levels, both of which are needed for sleep inducing hormones to be signaled. This blend of natural sea salt and sucanat combine with stress regulating herbs to put you back in a restful sleep fast.

3oz tin $12

Stop the Madness

If Mother Nature has turned your hormonal life on end then this blend will help you right things again. Perfectly balanced to address symptoms of PMS, peri-menopause and menopause, these herbs are tonifying to the female body as a whole. Helps reduce hot flashes, night sweats, heartbeat palpitations, mood swings, anxiety and mild depression.

2oz $33

Nourishing Nettles Elixir

Feeling a little run down? This formula has nourishing and restorative properties when you're recovering from a cold or long illness. It's also a great nutrition boost for those with low digestive function and absorption of nutrients.It's even a great post workout recovery tonic. Nettles are a highly nutritious herb providing vitamins A, C and K as well as B vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium. Nettles are anti-inflammatory and immune supporting making this a full circle formula.

2oz $32.

Skullcap Nightcap Potion

Sometimes the reason you can't sleep is because you just can't make your brain turn off...Skullcap to the rescue. This potent sleep formula helps quiet a restless mind while settling the nerves and relaxing tense muscles. Pull on your cozy nightcap for a restful nights sleep.

1oz  $16.50

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