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Sunless Tanning

Mine Tan Exclusive Sunless Tanning

We are an exclusive Mine Tan salon and offer our clients the highest quality most sought after tans in the industry. These formulas  were develpoed in Austrailia with the highest standards in both tanning and skin care. Each solution is infused with rich oils and extracts to keep your tan looking healthy and smooth.

 With over 13 years experience our tanning expert can give you the perfect golden glow and the even more perfectly placed shadow. Natural contouring is achieved to perfection with this micromist formula and advanced fade technology.






Studio Sunless Glow

Studio Sunless Application

Custom blended color applied expertly to the skin for a fast and flawless tan. All over color with subtle contouring for a beautiful and natural tan. $35

Signature Luxe Sunless Application

Our new “Signature Luxe” sunless tanning sessions include the artistry of custom body contouring that’s become the secret of Hollywood’s most beautiful bodies.

Your custom blended base tan is enhanced with precision contours and highlights to accentuate your curves and define your muscles for a perfectly toned look

You'll appear 10 pounds thinner in minutes!

Luxe sessions must be scheduled in advance with our master artist as application will take an​ additional 15-20 minutes and space is limited.

Signature Luxe Custom Color & Contour $45

Base tan with contouring and highlighting of face, collarbones, arms,

 cleavage, abs, legs, back and bum

Born This Way Facial Color & Contour $20

Base tan on face blended into upper chest with contour and highlight of nose, 

cheekbones, temples and jawline

Buy a package of 6 sessions to save 10%

Tanning Preparation and Maintenance Tips

  • Arrive with cleansed and exfoliated skin. This is the key to a perfect sunless application and will help your tan last the fullest amount of time possible
  • Bring a swimsuit or other clothing to cover areas that you do not wish to tan. Keep in mind where any tan lines may fall.
  • Bring loose fitting clothing to wear after session. If rain is forecast be sure you bring clothing to cover your skin from head to toe, shoes, not sandals and an umbrella. Raindrops on freshly tanned skin will result in a spotty tan as it develops.
  • Our sunless mists contain natural bronzers for that immediate color you crave. You will leave the salon with instant color while waiting for your sunless tan to develop over the next few hours. You will be dry and comfortable with our application and not feel sticky.
  • Some of the bronzer may rub off on clothing as you go about your day. This should wash out in the laundry.
  • Sunless solution needs to stay on the skin for a minimum of 3 hours before rinsing for your tan to fully develop. You may leave the solution on longer for the deepest color and even sleep with it on your skin if you prefer. Light shades can be achieved by leaving solution on the skin 3 hours. Medium shades can be achieved by leaving the solution on the skin for 4 hours. Maximum color is achieved after leaving the solution on the skin for about 6 hours. Allowing the solution to penetrate the upper layers of skin fully ensures your tan will last the full 8-10 days.
  • When showering the first time after application you will see the bronzer rinse off. This should be a quick, lukewarm shower to simply rinse off the bronzer. Do not use soap or scrub, you are simply rinsing off the excess. If you are showering 3-4 hours after your application your tan will continue to develop over the next 8-12 hours. Be patient,the sunless tanner has absorbed into the upper layers of your skin and is developing into a deep, beautiful and long lasting tan. This process takes a full 12-16 hours although our unique formula allows you to rinse after a few hours if you would like.
  • If you are tanning for a special event such as proms, weddings or pictures we recommend you schedule your tan one or two days before the event. This allows time for the tan to fully develop and there is no risk of bronzers rubbing off on your dress.
  • If you are tanning for a pageant or fitness competition please consult our master technician as we offer special services tailored to these types of "on stage" events.
  • To ensure even fading use a moisturizer daily and lightly exfoliate with a wash cloth or bath pouf every 3-4 days.
  • Your sunless color will last about 8-10 days fading gradually and evenly.
  • You may schedule follow up tans every week, every two weeks or as you prefer to maintain the color you desire.
  • While in the sun treat your skin as if it is porcelain white and use a full spectrum sunscreen to prevent burning. Remember, a sunless tan is basically a cosmetic tan. It offers NO protection from burning. Help us keep your skin safe and beautiful by using proper skin care.
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